Sunday, 16 July 2017

When, Why, WHo?

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Whatever happened to reality?

Who opened this creaking door,

Who pushed us into a chamber of insanity?

What happened to the truth?

Who decided that lies trump veracity,

Why has black become white and vice versa,

Whose dark, dank workshops manufacture vacuity

Who invents staggeringly meaningless ‘statistics’

When will the guilty be punished

When will the lies be acknowledged  

When will the system work again for people

When will the pointless rich have enough?

When we get off our arses

When we rise up and scream

When we destroy their deceit

When we tear up their falsehoods

When the world realises, as once it did,

Why Truth equals progress

When the lemmings of lies jump over the cliff

When their dark door is nailed shut

When our one and only reality returns.

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