Sunday, 27 November 2016



Ah, el Commandante, you have gone.
Alien forces sought your death
Yet nature took its course
And now the vitriol pours forth
The stored-up denigration rages
Brutal Dictator, dark shadow over
Cuba’s smouldered pages.

Of course, your enemies were paragons
Of morality, good will.
It was just your un-tamed, mad ideas
They always sought to kill.
With poison and a mined cigar,
They tried to kill you from afar,
Yet you enraged them still.

Wherever fell your beacon’s light
Extinguished by the Dollar’s might
Nicaragua, El Salvador
All hopes and dreams worth fighting for
Destroyed by stealth and drowned in blood
To keep their poverty in full flood.

The hounds snapped at your revolution
Leaving you with one solution
Total control, that iron grip,
Lest Washington might sink your ship
Of education, public health
Torpedoed by the gods of wealth

As Miami dances on your corpse
Exiles strut with renewed hope
That in Havana your death will foster
The return of the Cosa Nostra
Corruption, graft and deprivation
To make Cuba like so many nations
In servitude to Profit’s Hell
Before confronted by Fidel

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