Saturday, 7 November 2015

MANUEL a film by Tao Ruspoli

Rest in Peace, Manuel Molina 1948-2015. This wonderful little film explains what Flamenco really is, what it means; a celebration of life, friendship, passion, heritage, culture. These scenes could have been from any decade in the past century, because what we regard as the 'modern' world is a temporary mirage. This is the romance of eternity, the joy of living, a refreshing view of what God is, and a positive idea of the hereafter. If there's a heaven, and Manuel is in it, I hope I get there. It'll be a fine place.
Joyful, independent, and unique, he died in much the way that he lived—uncompromising, always forging his own path, quintessentially flamenco. No one better could write his epitaph:

Let no one cry the day I die;

It’s more beautiful to sing,

Even if the song comes with pain

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